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8th November 2011

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new beginnings: pre-holiday

bye bye diner food hello raw vegan!  tomorrow i start my job at Luna’s Living Kitchen, wee!  i blogged about visiting last week…my friend that owns it called me later that evening to see if i would possibly want to work there in the raw juice bar and picking up some serving shifts.  i KNOW i said i wouldn’t work until after the holidays but i think it will be fun!  i am excited to be working with healthy, tasty vegan food!  i used to eat really well when i was vegan and now i spend a lot of time eating a lot of everything whether it’s healthy or not.  anyhoo it will be fun to work with friends in a low stress environment and make some extra cash for the holidays.  i’m going to san antonio, TX for a week with my sister and mom in december.  i’ll let y’all know how it goes! 

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